Bacteria and germs are all around us. They exist in the water we drink the food we eat the air we breathe and inside our own body. Billions of human and livestock are infected by pathogens suffering thickness and infections causing pain, disabilities and sometime death. The economical damage of such infections combines to many billions of $ each year.

Sensing and monitoring the existence of bacteria in our food, water, air and in our body fluids is essential for prevention and directing cure efforts.

 Today, the methods used to identify bacteria are either low cost but very slow, like culturing, or very expansive and requires skilled technicians, such as PCR and ELISA.    


The P3G is:

 Rapid (real time) sensing

 Sensitivity comparable (or even better) to that of SPR

 Small size – portable and suitable for field testing

 Easy to operate

 Label-free optical sensing of bacteria and cells

 Low cost

 Remote operation

 Able to identify live\dead bacteria and bacteria type