Cine'al use nature to manufacture high absorbing biological material extracted from jellyfish.

Jellyfish are marine creatures composed of 90% water and that live in water. Their bodies are formed from material that can absorb high volume of liquids and hold them without disintegrating or dissolving.

The proprietary process not only converts the jellyfish to dry, flexible, strong Hydromash but simultaneously adds properties such as: antibacterial, tissue that facilitates healing (for bandages), flexibility (for feminine hygiene pads), colors, scent and more.

The Hydromash absorbs high volumes of both water and blood in seconds, while the antibacterial nano-particles that are added prevent the proliferation of bacteria in the soaked Hydromash.

The Hydromash absorbs more than several times its volume (meeting the most challenging application requirements) and biodegrades in less than 30 days (faster than any other bio-degradable products such as bio-degradable diapers made out of pulp).

Most importantly, Hydromash is price competitive in comparison with the synthetic absorbers and Super-absorbers.

Cine'al develops the Hydromash in several formats designed to serve : 

Infant Diapers

Adult Diapers

Feminine hygiene pads and tampons

Medical high-end bandages and sponges